Online interior design is possible, together we will make your dream come true without you having to move from home. With this service we will eliminate the problem of distance, you will save time and energy.

I will design your space (home or local) in the way most adapted to your needs, tastes and preferences.
With the online interior design service you will have all the necessary material to set your new design in motion.

Steps to follow:

Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
If the 'BASIC PLAN' does not adapt to what you are looking for or you need more documentation (ex. 3D images, custom furniture, etc.) choose the 'PERSONALIZED PLAN'.

Send me a message and tell me what objective you have, your tastes, what preferences and styles you want toinclude in your new space.
The more information you have, the better!

Choose your plan:

[During the start-up you will not be alone, you will have my support for 3 months after the project's delivery to resolve doubts]

What do I need?
  • > Photos or videos (The more information you have the better!)

  • > A plan/drawing of the room with measurements (height measurement as well). It is important that the measurements are accurate.

  • > Tell me which style do you like, goals ... If you have any reference images, preferred colour range…

  • > Tell me what I should not change of the room (ex. the pavement, the sofa, the seats...).

What will you receive?
  • > Mood board/style guide: with it you will have a guide/concept to follow forever, you will get your space harmonious and everything will havea meaning.

  • > Floor plans and delimited and coloured sections sections with the new layout, keeping the elements you want to maintain with new ones.

  • > Memory of furniture and materials


Fill the form and soon i will be in touch with you to end with the service contract

Plan to choose