Complete interior design project for homes and shops. It is directed towards to those homes or shops that need a complete renovation. An interior design project encompasses from looking for a concept that will follows us until the end, taking measures, designing the distribution, choosing materials, furniture, colours and textures, to putting the finishing touches.


Do you think that the distribution that you have in your home or in your store is not functional, comfortable or aesthetic? Make the most of all the space you have, gain more comfort, light, wellbeing ... and make each part have sense. (if you don’t want to do building work, this is your service).


There is nothing better than seeing in 3D images how your future reform will be. The 3D images allow us to create in a realistic way the colours, materials, textures, lights… of the space that will be renovated. Make sure that you will love your renovated space.


Do you have an important event such as representing in a fair, a stand, holding a celebration...? The fact that this is temporary does not mean that it is not important; having a good ephemeral decoration will make you stand out and will give a good image to your business. Surprise everybody and make people remember your decoration forever.


You do not find the perfect piece of furniture? Tell me what you want and I will design the ideal and unique piece of furniture for your space; independent of what the materials are.


Do you need to make campaigns more powerful and to attract the maximum number of customers? Together we will achieve that everybody that walks past your shop stops and enters. Contract your punctual or periodic window-dressing service.


The objective of this service is the acceleration of the sale and rental of flats, houses, apartments, shops... Therefore, if you have a property and you want to rent it or sell it, this is your opportunity. The objective of this service is to improve the appearance of the property, making it as attractive as possible. Together we will create a style that most people like!


Do you need a quick help? Invite me to see the space and I will give you some tips and ideas in just a moment, always meeting your needs and taste.


Online interior design is possible, together we will make your dream come true without you having to move from home. With this service we will eliminate the problem of distance, you will save time and energy.